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We suggest that you should begin your tour with the section on Basics of Forex. You will find the following articles in this section. Once you feel that you are ready to get going, do take a look at Forex Broker Reviews and Comparisons. We are sure that this section would be of immense value to you as it is a serious attempt to help you choose a profitable and reliable forex broker. Success in your online forex trading venture depends a lot on right forex broker.

Basics of Forex Trading:

  1. Introduction to Forex
  2. Reading Forex Quotes
  3. Understanding Pips
  4. Calculating Profit and Loss
  5. Types of Orders in Forex Trading
  6. Understanding Margin and Leverage
  7. Choosing a Forex Broker
  8. Forex Trading vs The Stock Market
  9. Avoiding Failure in the Forex Market
  10. Traits of Successful Forex Traders
  11. Fundamental Analysis
  12. Technical Analysis
  13. Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
  14. Fibonacci Numbers
  15. Japanese Candlesticks