Online Forex Trading

Introduction to Forex Trading

Most of you must have often heard the term Forex or Fx. Forex is nothing but foreign exchange or international currency exchange. Simply speaking, if you are an American, then British Sterling Pound or European Euro or any other currency is a foreign exchange for you.

Introduction to Forex Trading

Huge amounts of Forex change hands in the global trade and commerce. Besides the international business transactions, forex has also established a firm foothold in the investment portfolio of large number of people. You may wonder how you can invest in forex. Is it like investment in stocks and bonds? Is it suitable to a layman like me? Well, according to me it is neither easy nor difficult. You must give it a try, provided you are willing to learn forex trading.

Let me tell you one astounding feature of forex markets. Rates of international currencies fluctuate tremendously depending upon the country specific factors. To realize the true potential of how the vast scale fluctuation or volatility in the forex rates can help you in reaping huge benefits, you must partake in online forex trading.

Let me first brief you on the Advantages of Forex Trading:

  • Liquidity: Global forex trading witnesses a daily turn over of few trillion US dollars.
  • Market Availability: Forex trading is a round the clock market place. Forex market wakes up with Sidney, moving around globally as each market comes to life. Tokyo wakes up next, then London and finally US.
  • Low Trading Costs: Like all the other markets, forex trading requires an intermediary called as a forex broker. However unlike other markets, the forex trading brokers do not charge any commissions for executing your trade. On the contrary the forex trading brokers make a small profit from bid/ask spread on the currency pair.
  • Small Capital and High Leverage: You do not need to deploy huge capital amounts as the exposure or leverage ratios are high of the order of 200:1. Most of the forex brokers allow you to start with a capital as low as 100 USD.

You must keep in mind that in your zeal to make fast buck you may end up loosing enormous money if you have not understood the intricacies of trading forex. I would sincerely suggest that you should start your forex trading education in a step by step approach. With the advent of high speed internet, access to forex trading information has become very easy. You can learn about forex currency trading through online or offline forex trading course. I have listed out few topics as under for your guidance.

  • What are the Forex pairs, Forex Symbols and how to read and understand forex quotes?
  • What are the Margins, Pips, scalping, and bid/ask spread?
  • How does online forex trading take place? What is meant by Forex trading platform? What is the role of forex broker and how to choose a right broker?
  • How to manage buy/sell orders? How to keep track of profit, loss and current balance?
  • What is a fundamental analysis? What is a technical analysis?
  • What is meant by Forex charts, Forex signal, and Forex indicators?
  • Tips on how to become a successful forex trader.