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Forex market trading

Forex market or FX market, as it is commonly called, has become the biggest trading market in the world with transactions worth 2 trillion dollars taking place on a daily basis. That is higher than the amount of transactions taken place in any other market place in the world. This is mainly because the commodities and assets traded in all types of financial market go through the Forex at some point of their conversion or sale or purchase. If fact, all the monetary transactions within and outside the country determine the current price of a currency and thus any and every fiscal transaction affects the Forex markets. Thus price movements in Forex market are fluctuating rapidly.

Forex market trading

Forex trade involves import-export transactions and cross-border movement of various instruments of investment, government securities, bonds, gold etc., and last but not the least, speculative trading of currencies. While transactions of good and services and investments form a mere 10 percent of the Forex trade, the remaining 90 percent trading comes from speculation. That is buying and selling currencies and making money out of variations in exchange rates. Forex trading is also termed as currency trading.

Study of Forex trade is simple because you only have to study the currencies. But it is difficult too, in the sense that there are many technical terminologies and systems which are different from other financial markets or stock markets.

There are various strategies which a trader can adopt. But it is better to test and stick to a single strategic approach or style of trading and perfecting it. It’s the preferences of investors that have given rise to different type of trading patters. Some are contented with small profits and afraid of taking risks for too long time. Some on the other hand are ready to wait patiently to earn the highest possible profit margin on their trade. But remember, higher the probability of profits higher is the possibility of risks. Day trading system is a perfect balance between these two factors.

Time zones chosen for trade also determine the price variations. Depending upon the time frame you choose to trade you can adopt continuation approach for trading or reversal approach. You have to note the closing and opening times of the financial markets related to the currencies you are trading in as they are most liable to fluctuate during those times.

Continuation as a way of trade stands for trading with the expectation that prices would move following the basic market trends. Falling and rising peaks and troughs are expected to act in a typical manner, which as observed by the experts repeat over specific time intervals. Continuation patters are read through the Japanese candlestick charts or conventional bar charts.

A trend reversal denotes a change in the trend. Traders adopt a reversal approach when the markets are stable. These predictions are done after careful fundamental and technical analysis of Forex market. Forex market trading is full of opportunities as well as risks which can be separated from each other only with some effort.